When you get to the end of the month, you look back and see that one of the most expensive aspects of living can be your monthly bills. When we speak about energy deregulation, you must know that it gives you the power to choose your energy supplier and to have more control of your energy expenses. The benefits of energy deregulation go well beyond just helping you save money, but to understand it, let’s understand what it is and where it comes from.

benefits of energy deregulation

Let’s dive into energy deregulation’s history

Until the late 1990s, most customers, —satisfied or not—had no choice over their energy generator. They had to stick to their utility, as there were no alternative electric suppliers. This situation gave them – or the local government – the opportunity to regulate the fees and rates. With little to no decision power to the final customers.

Following the adoption of the National Energy Policy Act in 1992, energy deregulation began to take shape. Because of this,federal Act, Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWGs) were formed, providing the groundwork for private market competition in the energy sector. Many benefits of energy deregulation arrived when deregulation started. It gave youthe end customerthe power to choose your energy supplier and also the rate that you want to pay for your energy consumption. This new approach opened the market competition and gave customers a wide variety of products and services customized to their homes or business.

Energy regulation is still a reality in most states. That is—currently — only around 18 states have adopted some legislation to give you–the end-user–the power to choose. If you live in states like Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Ohio. At Power Choice Now, we want to help you take advantage of this situation!

What’s in it for you?

The growing deregulation has definitely altered the energy business. We’ll go through the benefits of energy deregulation, and how this can be great for you as a customer.

1. Beat your high energy bill

One of the biggest benefits of energy deregulation and one of the main reasons for you to switch, is to save money. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have some spare cash to spoil themselves? But let us show you how this helps you to save money:

  • Fixed rates: you can choose the rate you want to pay per kWh throughout the length of your contract. This way,you don’t have to face inconvenient fluctuation monthly. You will have full control of your monthly bill by knowing exactly how much you pay per kWh. If you ever had an unusually high energy bill, you know the struggle. One of the
    benefits of energy deregulation is that you can forget about that variable pricing giving you full control of your costs.
  • Lower prices: Another of the great benefits of energy deregulation is that different providers compete by offering better rates and incentives to the end customers.
  • Energy specialists: you can do the homework yourself and do the research one by one. Or you can visit us now and find a specialist that will help you find the best offer in the market.

Do you want to know more ways to save some money on your monthly energy bill? We have prepared a list with our best money-saving tips.

2. Increased market competition and innovation

One of the benefits of energy deregulation is that it opens the market competition—it will allow you to take advantage of the wide variety of products and services customized to your home or business. It drives innovation, provides choices for customers, and helps keep energy costs as low as possible. Since you’re not forced to continue with the same company anymore, companies know they cannot take you for granted. This deregulation forces companies to give you better products, services, and rates.

This benefit of energy deregulation is not just about low costs. This competition stimulates economic growth and lowers barriers of entry for new businesses. Creativity, innovation, and competition drive US economic growth and bring you many benefits!

3. New energy generation choices, new energy providers

Regulated state customers cannot choose where their energy comes from. And—since they don’t have a choice — they rarely mind where it comes from. As more individuals want to change their lifestyles to save the environment, one of the benefits of energy deregulation is that it provides access to more environmentally friendly energy sources,such as wind and solar electricity. See, energy deregulation comes particularly handy when you want to move towards a greener lifestyle.

4. Easy, seamless switches

People that oppose deregulation base their hate on the fear of something new. With Power Choice Now, we want you to know all the benefits of energy deregulation. We offer the same service you have—by much less—with a seamless transition between your current and newer supplier. You don’t need to worry about having a lengthy and tedious process; it is a fast and straightforward operation.

Your utility provider is still your primary point of contact for any issues concerning the distribution of power to your house. So even if you switch providers, your utility handles power delivery, maintenance of the wires, poles, and pipes, and any service interruptions. Energy suppliers work hand-in-hand with your local utility to make sure there is a seamless transition, guaranteeing no service change or disruption!

You know you made a splendid choice when it brings you joy and stability. At Power Choice Now, we want you to embrace your power, and to empower yourself with all the benefits of energy deregulation. You will get the best service for less money. Choose the lowest fixed rates, no service disruption, easy enrollment, and great customer service. There are no frills—just the service you need!

Go On, Be Powerful! If you want to know more about energy deregulation and how you may benefit from it, visit us now. Just enter your zip code at the top of our website and then answer some basic questions about your property. We will guide you through the whole process of finding the best offer that better suits your needs.

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