Electrical Safety for Kids: 3 Tips to Improve It

Electrical Safety for Kids

Electricity is of huge importance in our lives. More so, electrical safety for kids is key in every home – especially if you have kids. We need electricity almost for anything. Thanks to it, our appliances work, our fridges keep our food cool, and our washing machines keep our clothes clean. Electricity is there from […]

7 Great Facts Everyone Should Know About ENERGY STAR® label

Facts about ENERGY STAR® label

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Image If you have ever bought one appliance before – actually even just a light bulb -, chances are good that you’ve seen or heard of ENERGY STAR®. In fact, based on the latest research made by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about ENERGY STAR® Awareness, 91% of households […]

6 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Summer Energy Consumption

Summer Energy

We all know what summer and winter typically mean – higher costs and higher bills. But this doesn’t have to be always true. Summer energy consumption tends to be higher than months with lower temperatures like spring or fall because cooling down your home means your AC must work harder and spend more electricity. But […]

5 Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

From striking heatwaves (with record-breaking temperatures in 2021); to flooded cities & extreme cold temperatures. We see the increment of extreme weather events lately. One of the greatest challenges we are facing as a society is the climate crisis. By contrast, of the easiest solutions to tackle it is energy efficiency. It not only helps combat […]

Energy Deregulation: The Best 3 Things You Should Know

Energy Deregulation

Energy Deregulation: The Best 3 Things You Should Know Did you know you have the power—and freedom—to choose your energy supplier? While the local utilities were used to monopolize the electricity markets, different suppliers are now available to compete. This opening up to competition is an opportunity for customers like you. You can now move […]

5 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer that Actually Work

energy-saving tips

5 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer that Actually Work Year by year, we see how the summers are getting warmer and warmer. In the last couple of years, we’ve experienced how increasingly frequent heatwaves are hitting our states, especially Western states. This year, for example, summer just started, and temperatures in the triple-digit are arising. With […]

Make Your Home Office More Productive With the Best Energy

Home Office

Source: Branislav Nenin via Shutterstock Are you now working from home? If so, do you believe you are as productive as you expect or as capable of being? Many of us believe that our productivity is directly related to whether or not we will be forced to return to the old office at some point. […]