Fixed Vs Variable Electricity rates
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It is understandable to get a little confused with everything available in the energy market, from renewable sources to non-renewable energy to comparing fixed vs variable electricity rates. We are here to help you understand fixed and variable electricity rates as well as everything else that should be kept in mind when finding the best energy supplier for your household.

There are many things that should be kept in mind, which could be considered a cumbersome process, but information is power, that is why we will help you understand the process to switch energy providers and what should be kept in mind and handy when considering a new supplier. 


Being informed will help you make a better choice and also ask the right questions or check the information thoroughly until you consider to be informed, enough to make a smart decision. 


What should I have handy to change my energy supplier? 

In order to make the process easier and faster, it is better to have every piece of information that will be required ready, that will make it easier and faster when enrolling to change providers. The information required will include basic information such as: 

  • Full Name 
  • Full Address including Zip code 
  • Phone number
  • Email address 

Then, you might be requested information regarding your energy use habits and details from your current Energy company: 

  • Amount of kWh used in previous months 
  • Energy company’s account number 
  • Number of people in the household 
  • Number of rooms in the home 
  • If you have HVAC, AC, electrically heated pools, etc.  
  • If you are the owner or renting 
  • If you are moving or just changing provider 
  • If a fixed or variable rate plan is preferred 

Most of this information can be found on your bill. You may be requested to provide further information such as your Social Security Number or approval to check your credit record if the supplier requires it. Meanwhile, you can use the basic information to fill our form and let us provide you with the best available rates for you.

Consider these steps to switch energy companies

1. Provide your Zip Code 

To get the most accurate information on available rates for you, it is important to provide your Zip Code, that way we will be able to check for available promotions and preferred rates, as well as knowing which utilities and energy suppliers are available in your area. You may enter your zip code at the top of this page to check fixed vs variable electricity rates available for you. 

2. Provide complete information 

We have designed a form that requests all of the information required to receive a custom estimated for your energy needs, we know that filling forms takes time and can be tiresome, but this is for us to gather enough information to provide the best rate and continue to assist you with the process.  

3. Explore available options 

To make an informed decision, it is important to check available options, rates and suppliers in your area, you may contact different suppliers and utilities to understand if they service your area and compare rates. We understand that this could be a time-consuming task, that is why we have designed a form to understand your energy needs and accompany you through the process. 

4. Switch Energy Plans

Once you have completed the form with us, if considering to have all the information and feeling ready to complete the change, we will call you and assist you through to complete the change, we will request all of the information and answer all the questions that you may have regarding the process and the rates that are most attractive to you. 

When is best to change your energy supplier? 

It is also important to know the right moment to change your energy plan or companyConsider the following first: 

  • Is your current contract about to end? 
  • Is it a time with low demand on energy rates? 
  • Are your bills higher than you expect?
  • Does your current contract have a cancellation fee?
  • Are you about to move to a new home? 

We have also created an article with 3 tips to find the best time to switch energy companies to help you make the best power choice. 

Choose the energy rate that suits you

It is necessary to know how long you want the contract to last for, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months are the most common contract length times, depending on the time, you will be provided with different rates, you should also compare fixed vs variable electricity rates.


Variable electricity rates depend on the wholesale cost of the commodity, which means that the cost per kWh will vary depending on the demand of electricity, so, the price per kWh may vary depending on the seasons, the time of the day, the weekday or even the month.  

Fixed electricity rates are decided by you from the beginning, you will be provided with different options of fixed rates according to your specific needs, with those rates, you will have certainty on how much you will be charged per kWh, all you need to know to estimate your bill is the amount you used, for which you can keep track of your meter.  

Consider growing companies

With an energy deregulation market, new companies start competing in the energy market, some of them have great goodwill even if they are not the most common supplier in your area, they can come with great rates as well to compete in the growing market, for which keeping them in mind and checking their rates and reviews can help you save! The growing markets also imply more renewable energy sources! 

Keep this in mind when switching energy suppliers

We want you to be informed on what happens after you have submitted the change of power supplier, since you may be concerned with the transition. 

Does the electric service get interrupted when switching?

We are happy to say that it does not, the change is automatically processed without requiring a technician or changes in the infrastructure, meaning that the quality and fluency of your electricity service won’t be affected. 

Changed your mind?

Once you have decided to change, you may encounter yourself doubting. Make sure to ask if there would be penalties related to an early cancellation.

How long does the change of power providers take?

It is immediate, as soon as you confirm and submit your electricity supplier change request, the cycle with your current electricity supplier will end and the new cycle will begin, make sure to note that date to understand your billing cycles and what is being charged in following bills. You will receive one last bill with charges from your previous power provider and start receiving the new charges from the new electricity company  

Now you´re ready to change energy providers!

You can now consider yourself ready! You have all the knowledge required to change your energy provider, compare fixed vs variable electricity rates and find the electrical service that best suits your family needs. If you still consider that having assistance would benefit you, fill our form and our associates will contact you to guide you in the process.

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