One of the things that we bet is on your mind is your wish to reduce your energy consumption. To do so, there are some little things you can start implementing in your daily life that will help you get considerable savings on your energy bill in these times where money is scarce. You will only have to change certain habits to reduce your electricity consumption. Discover some tips that will help you lower your electricity bill. Just think about it.

Free Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

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1. Make sure your appliances are actually turned off or unplugged if you’re not using them

Use smart power strips

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Even if it is not charging a gadget, a plugged-in phone charger consumes power unnecessarily. The same can be said about the countless electrical devices that are always on in our homes: televisions, DVD players, electric ovens, laptops, linked speakers, and so on. And what about the wifi that keeps broadcasting all night, even when no one is using it? What about the microwave and TV receiver that keep track of the time even when you’re not there? They are, as we like to call them, “Energy Vampires.”

Here’s our piece of advice to reduce your energy consumption: If you don’t use it, just unplug them! When you’re ready to use them back, simply plug them back in. And if you want a little bonus: By using power strips with switches, you can turn off multiple standby devices with a single click (for example, the TV/TV/DVD receiver set, etc.). When sockets are tough to reach, or wires are difficult to remove, this tool comes in handy.

2. Repair the air leaks to reduce your energy consumption

Renovating windows, doors, attics, and walls can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Still, it obviously comes at a cost, and it has to be done thoroughly. Did you know that, according to the US Energy Department, heat gain and loss happen to cause 25% to 30% of the heating expenses.

Remember that before embarking on significant renovation works, it is possible to limit heat loss by a few simple actions: putting up curtains between passage areas (corridors, entrances, doors, etc.), placing rollers at the thresholds of the doors and windows, closing the shutters, insulate your hot water tank.

3. Compare electricity offers in an energy marketplace

Tips to Compare Electricity Rates

Reducing the electricity bill doesn’t have to mean deprivation or giving up on your comfort by living in a cave. To pay less per kilowatt-hour, you must first compare the prices offered by different electricity providers. Thus, if you find more attractive offers than the one you currently have, you are sure to save on electricity without needing to reduce your energy consumption and drastically changing your habits.

At Power Choice Now, we can help with this. As you might already know, there are many electricity rates and suppliers available in the USA; each consumer has the power to choose the one they think is the best. However, it is sometimes difficult to decide because the comparison work required is so important; that’s why we’re here for you. You can use the energy marketplace we prepared for free to make your job easier. With us, you can:

By subscribing to a more competitive offer, you will unarguably save money, provided, of course, that you do some small things to reduce your energy consumption. Do you want to know more about how we can help you find the best energy offer out there? Feel free to call us now at 833-762-055. Our energy experts will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

4. Use the “eco” setting on your appliances

Ways to save money on laundry

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Most modern washing machines and dishwashers offer an “eco” button or program to save significant amounts of power and water while remaining as efficient as standard programs. Although the washing time is often longer, the good news is that you won’t have to stand in front of your machine; it will finish its process and turn off right away. If you want to start saving money while doing your laundry and reduce your energy consumption, we have your back.

Remember that energy consumption varies a lot from one model to another. If you’re planning on buying new appliances anytime soon, we strongly recommend you check out our guide on what not to do when you want to purchase energy-efficient appliances.

5. Turn off the lights when not in use

Turning off the light when leaving a room is a rule of thumb to save electricity and reduce your energy consumption. If you have kids, you should let this gesture become systematic and teach them from a young age to do it; it will allow your kids to learn to save energy.

6. Lower the temperature of your water heater

Lowering the temperature of your heat water tanks is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. In fact, a few degrees less helps to save electricity, and that without reducing your comfort while showering.

7. Be wise when cooking

Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

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Cooking is fun for many people, but wouldn’t it be much better if it was also cost-effective? There are many more options to reduce your energy consumption, as the following ones. You can, for example, make it a habit to:

  • Cover your pots to bring water to boil faster
  • Switch off your hotplates a few minutes before the finish of cooking, same with the oven. The heat within it will help to finish the process.
  • Pick a saucepan with a suitable diameter based on the cooking zone of your plates
  • Remove your meal from the fridge at least 30 mins before cooking

Do you have a steamer in your home? If you want to save money on power, there’s good news! Because of the steam created on the first floor, this sort of utensil is very cost-effective because it allows numerous items to be cooked simultaneously.

There you have it! Our top tips to help you reduce your energy consumption. Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below if you have more suggestions.

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