Ways to save money on laundry

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Doing laundry is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you know what is? Saving money! In this article, we will share our best-kept secrets on how to save money on laundry. – Don’t worry, having to use your pants for a month in a row and using your underwear for a whole week is not part of our tips. By altering a few items in the laundry room, you can save money on laundry and make washing a bit more bearable.

1. Befriend baking soda and vinegar

These two will not only make you save money on laundry but will make your clothes cleaner, smell better and last longer. The detergent quality can be improved by adding 1⁄2 cup of baking soda to the washing cycle. Baking soda helps manage the smell of transpiration and controls water acidity to produce a more efficient work of detergent and bleach.

On the other hand, when it comes to vinegar you will be surprised at how good it works as a softener – And no, you won’t smell like pickles, don’t worry. In the last rinse, add 1⁄2 cup of white distilled vinegar. The acid in the vinegar helps release any detergent left on the clothes and will make them softer. These are other added perks to vinegar:

  • Less harsh chemicals and environmental damages
  • No stains in your clothes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Helps to prevent yellow stains on the clothes. It loosens up soap buildup.
  • Neutralizes odors  
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2. Use either generic laundry products or less of your brand name detergent

You can also add up to your savings by using generic instead of brand names, it will make you save on each load. Also, some major manufacturers are known for producing several generic brand laundry products, softeners, and bleach. Try to economize on the cost of detergents and check whether you like them or not.

If you prefer brand-name detergent, use less of it to save money on laundry. Try lowering the usage to half of the suggested amount, the cleanliness of your washing will probably never change, and your clothing may look better and last longer.

3. Use cold water to save money on laundry

Washing your clothes with cold water also includes a benefit to improve their shape and color them. Washing your clothes in cold water can substantially make you save money on laundry. The hot water used by your laundry machine is 90% of the energy consumed by your laundry machine, according to the US Environment Protection Agency. This tip will save you money both on your electric and water bill.

4. Air dry your clothes & take advantage of the hot seasons

If you want to save money on laundry this is a great tip. Did you know that air-drying your clothes are free? Look no further if you want to be more energy efficient. Drying air in your clothing costs nothing and is good for the environment. You would only need a clothesline or install one drying rack in your place. A great side effect is that your clothing will smell fresher too!

If it’s summer, the drying time can be even less than regular. Summer doesn’t need to imply higher energy costs. In fact, you can take advantage of the sun and air dry your clothes. This will way you will save money on laundry and will prevent clothes from shrinking.

Ps. We also have these few tips that will help you save money on your summer electricity bill.

5. Wear your clothes more than once

Wearing your clothes multiple times can help you save money on laundry and will also make your clothes last longer. Be sure to wash your clothes only when they have stains or present some smell. There’s no need to wash them each time you use them. For instance, jeans and stuff like the fleeces or sweaters that are an ‘upper layer’ over anything else are to be worn multiple times.

If you are in working as a “home office” the comfortable leggings or clothes you use can be worn more than once. Also, the clothes you use when you get back home after a long day at work. You only wear them for a couple of hours and can be used more than once. The key to this is to put half-wear clothes in a designated area. They need to be carefully folded down to make them easy to put on again.

Ps. Check out other tips for when you’re working at home.

6. Run full loads only

Another way to save money on laundry – and a quite old one but still relevant – is to run full loads of laundry. As obvious as it may seem, the most energy-efficient choice is obviously to run one large laundry load rather than several little loads. The same applies to your dryer – drying full loads can save you energy and money by reducing your dryer time. Just be cautious not to overfill your washing machine or dryer.

7. Be aware of off-peak hours

Check when your electricity supplier offers low rates. In general, when rates are off-peak, it is the perfect time to save money on laundry. Why? Because, generally speaking, if you’re on a variable rate, chances are, your electric tariff is ruled by the market prices.

For example, in the summer, washing early in the morning is less expensive than when it becomes warm, and we all crank up our AC’s. In winter, when mornings are chilly, we tend to turn our furnace on, so you better wash your clothing at night, after dinner time, and when your thermostats go down before you go to bed.

Just remember to check your laundry and not go to sleep immediately. If you leave your clothes for a long time in the laundry, they can stink.

8. Just fix your rates, forget about peak hours & save money

We discussed how by state laws you have the power to choose your energy bill’s supply part, right? Well, the greatest difference when you compare the fixed electricity rate against the variable rate is that you can budget and save money. You have the power to choose a kWh rate and fix it for the duration of your contract.

You won’t need to deal with constant changes on rates, seasonality, and peak usage. If you switch to a fixed rate, you can regulate your monthly payment knowing precisely how much you pay per kWh. If you want to know more about fixed rates vs. variable ratesv check out our blog post about it.

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9. Stick to energy-efficient models

Our last way to save money on laundry is to switch to energy-efficient models. ENERGY STAR® products allow you to reduce the energy usage of your appliances when using the same settings and having the same outcome. The selection of an energy-efficient dryer and washing will significantly minimize the monthly expenses on this. Do you know what ENERGY STAR® is? If not, don’t worry we have you covered. Check out our post about it.

We know finding a high electric bill can be daunting. But with Power Choice Now that can be a thing of the past. We have great fixed-rate plans that will for sure help you save money on laundry and on all home tasks that use energy. You can check out our website, enter your zip code, and some basic information about your consumption. You will find out if there’s a rate that may benefit you more than your current one. At Power Choice Now, finding a new energy supplier is straightforward and will let you benefit from competitive energy markets and save money.

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