5 Mistakes When You Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

Mistakes When you Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Photo by Clayton on Unsplash Whenever you buy energy-efficient appliances, you expect lower energy bills and better functions, right? Well, that’s what we’re all aiming for. However, you should know that two price tags come along when you buy energy-efficient appliances: the purchase price and the running costs. Certified ENERGY STAR® appliances are designed so […]

7 Great Facts Everyone Should Know About ENERGY STAR® label

Facts about ENERGY STAR® label

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Image If you have ever bought one appliance before – actually even just a light bulb -, chances are good that you’ve seen or heard of ENERGY STAR®. In fact, based on the latest research made by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about ENERGY STAR® Awareness, 91% of households […]