We are just days away from celebrating Thanksgiving, one of the happiest celebrations out there. It’s the start of a lovely period of family reunions and festivities. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and while they always bring joy to our hearts and fill us with joy, our wallets suffer the most.

Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

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Let’s start with our thanksgiving energy-saving tips

Gifts, family reunions, dinners, and excursions are all on our to-do list, and what about the Black Friday deals and offers? If you plan to travel far from home or host a party at your home, we bring you these thanksgiving energy-saving tips to help you spend less this year while still enjoying the holidays. So let’s dive right in!

1. Be aware of your budget

Knowing what your budget is is one of the first thanksgiving energy-saving tips. Recognizing your budget, understanding what you’re going to spend it on, and sticking to it, is the most crucial factor when it comes to saving at this time. An easy method to plan our budget is to look at what we spent last year to see what went over budget and what may be saved this year.

However, if you don’t know how much you spent last year, you should prioritize your expenditures. To do this, the best approach is to establish a list of what is truly worth spending money on and what is not.

2. Keep your appliances in tip-top shape

If you want one of our top Thanksgiving energy-saving tips, know that a clean stove burner and reflectors give more efficient heating while consuming less energy. If you need to buy new reflectors, invest in high-quality models. The best models on the market may save up to one-third of the required energy while cooking on the stovetop. Just make sure that when you buy them, you make sure you get ENERGY STAR® ones.

For holiday culinary duties, use a microwave or toaster oven. A microwave utilizes half the energy of a traditional oven and does not heat up the kitchen. Another great option of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips is to prepare dishes in a slow cooker.

3. Don't sneak peek in the oven or fridge

PCN - Dont sneak peek in the oven

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Avoid continually opening and shutting refrigerators in the home: When we open the fridge, and the oven, the temperature from the outside enters, and the cold/warm provided by the device is rapidly gone, requiring the appliance to expend more energy to return to its optimal temperature. It is an essential one of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips to help you spend less this year while still enjoying the holidays. 

Opening the oven door to inspect your culinary masterpiece can reduce the temperature by up to 25 degrees, causing your oven to work more and consume more energy to keep warm. Instead of repeatedly opening the oven, use the light to examine the meal.

Another of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips is to allow heated foods and drinks to cool before refrigerating them. When hot food and beverages are left unattended, they emit fumes that cause the refrigerator to work harder. After cooling, cover the meal with a lid or plastic wrap and store it in the fridge.

4. Find a right-sized turkey

Turkey Dinner

When you buy a turkey, make sure you buy the right sized one. Purchasing a turkey bigger than usual can mean more extended cooking periods, which would mean a higher electricity bill.

One of the most recommended tips, not Thanksgiving energy-saving tips per se, but that will help you save on your dinner, although it may seem difficult to believe, is to make last-minute purchases, that is to say, the day before or even the same day. Surveys show that the lowest prices on turkeys and other ornaments needed to celebrate Thanksgiving turn out to be the same day.

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5. Potluck can be fun and will bring you good savings

Potlucks are an excellent method to distribute the strain of meal planning, and BYOB parties allow visitors to bring their favorite drinks to share with family and friends. When inviting or arranging your thanksgiving celebration with friends and family, request that they get their famous cuisine or drink. 

This tip is part of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips. It’s a fun opportunity to try new foods, but it also relieves you from some of the efforts, and visitors are typically eager to contribute to the event.

6. Lower your home’s temperature by a couple of degrees

Another of the thanksgiving energy-saving tips is to lower your home’s temperature by a couple of degrees. According to the US Energy Department, seal air leaks around leaking doors and windows with caulk or weather stripping if you use the tour fireplace. Reduce your thermostat temperature by 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours overnight or during the day when no one is home to save roughly 10% on your heating and cooling expenditures.

The crackling and warmth of a lovely fireplace are suitable methods to keep out the November chill for households with fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. One of the best Thanksgiving energy-saving tips to get significantly cheaper heating expenses or energy bills if you use electric heat is to put that chimney to use.

This is not just one of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips; it can help you save as well in winter. Burning wood is an excellent method to heat your home while minimizing your dependency on the power grid and creating a nice ambiance. It’s adorable on Thanksgiving since it provides a central gathering point for the family to catch up on one other’s lives, share old memories, and trade humorous anecdotes from the previous year.

7. Wash full loads of dishes

Another of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips is also linked to our laundry saving tips, and it is to make sure you wash full loads of dishes. Save electricity by filling the dishwasher after a large dinner. This uses less water than hand-washing dishes, and because most home water is heated by electricity, using less water saves you energy.

8. Switch to a fixed-rate electricity plan and forget about rate spikes

On Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t be worrying about high electricity bills; this day is meant to be enjoyed with your family, friends, and more. Thanksgiving is a national holiday, so it’s not just your family that turns on all the appliances and cooks all day; it’s every family. As it turns out, the more power required at one time, the more expensive it is to create. If you’re on a variable rate, you’ll be affected by those high electricity rates.

One of our thanksgiving energy-saving tips is to consider switching to a fixed-rate energy plan if you’d rather spend time with your family than worry about the cost of your power. The cost you pay for energy is predetermined when you sign your agreement with your electric supplier with fixed-rate energy plans. The prices are calculated using the estimated average cost of power for the term of your contract. As a result, even on busy days like Thanksgiving, your pricing will always be the same.

At Power Choice Now, we can be of help in the last one. To ensure that you are at the cheapest electricity rate, use an energy marketplace like ours. It’s actually pretty simple — we take care of everything. You simply need to know your electricity supplier, your current plan, and the number of kWh used in the previous 12 months – your landlord or energy company should be able to provide you with all of this information.

Or simply give us a call at 833-762-0555, you will find out if there’s a rate that may benefit you more than your current one. At Power Choice Now, finding a new energy supplier is straightforward. As a client, you benefit from competitive energy markets.

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